Mel Wilson
Software Consultant

Client Space

Here's a design I had a hand in:

The Hymnboard

Ledded Lights Ltd. provides a new lighted sign to display the hymns and psalms in a church's daily order of service. It features a simple one-button interface to set the hymn and psalm numbers, and remembers the settings while the display is turned off between services. More details are on the catalog page. Contact Lorita Law ( for further information and prices.

Anything onto the Internet with the Wiznet W5100

This is the lightning talk I gave at the SoOnCon conference hosted by Diyode, the way I imagine myself giving it.


"Django is a high-level Python Web framework..." that strikes me as being a supremely useful tool to have, now that I've studied a bit. My second cut at a demo application led me to try parts-explosion, requiring recursive many-to-many relationships. The Django docs describe all the pieces you need to do this; how they fit together to retrofit parts explosion into a parts database is described in this note.

Free Space

Here's some Free and Open Source software I've created:


Some circuits and scripts made while getting started in JTAG debugging.

Python packages


Front-panel drawing

A graphics and printer control language with a lineage that surprised me. It will run directly on suitable printers but programs like Aladdin Ghostscript make it useful with anything. I use it as a minimalist CAD tool, to make layout templates for pre-etched prototyping boards, or accurate layouts for cases. For instance: